AWS Lambda aka Node.js meets IFTTT as a service!

Amazon Lambda was announced last November at re:Invent and billed as “an event-driven computing service for dynamic applications”. What does that mean? AWS will run a chunk of JavaScript (i.e., Lambda function) whenever one of the following events occurs: a table is updated in Amazon DynamoDB…
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EnhancedList Visualforce Component

The enhancedList Visualforce component is an awesome little tag that allows you to display a list view on a Visualforce page. One of the cool features is that you create a custom list view, e.g., "Super Special Contacts", and just show those records in the list view by specifying…
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Announcing a Node.js Chatter Plugin for nforce

After I woke up from my turkey-induced coma on Thanksgiving I wanted to send Chatter to everyone in our Appirio Salesforce org to inform them that I was still alive. Sure, I could have fired up the trusty, ole Chatter app but since I like to work from the command…
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