Would you know that something crazy would happen on the 13th. Cathy and I had just left Best Buy and were loading a baby into the van. I had the driver's door open and was loading the baby through the side door. Some guy started to pull into the spot to the left of us and he hit my open driver's door with his right front quarter panel.

At first I thought he has just tweaked the trim but then I tried to shut the door and found it wouldn't budge. Apparently he had pushed the door into the door frame and hinge. It took about an hour for the police to arrive and they gave us a form to fill out for insurance.

I called his insurance company and the claim is in process and we should hear back from them early next. In the meantime we'll just have to get into the van "Dukes of Hazard" style.

The fortunate this is that someone there had a video camera and we have the entire thing on video below.