Win $5,000 from Appirio for 2 Minute "Cloud Computing" Video

I caught this off of Narinder's twitter feed early this morning: Appirio is giving away $5,000 (cash!) for videos explaining in layman's terms what "cloud computing" means.

"We're seeking the best viral video that explains cloud computing to the masses - in a way that's more about fun and entertainment, than a true tutorial. There's already plenty of those out there. Show us how you'd explain it to Grandma on Thanksgiving? Put it in a nursery rhyme that even a child could understand. Put it in a haiku, a Shakespearean sonnet or a song. What would a "cloud computing" superhero look like. The sky's the limit. No pun intended. OK, it was.

We'll be giving away $5,000 in cash to the winners of this contest. That's right, cash. No lame prizes, cold, hard, cash. One grand prize winner will get $3,000. The first runner up will get $1,000. And four honorable mentions will each get $250, so there's plenty of chances to win. The winning videos will also be screened on the floor of Dreamforce - the premiere cloud computing event which draws about 12,000 people. It will also be promoted on Appirio's Dreamforce Central site."

Finalists will be announced on November 9th and the winners will be revealed November 18th. There are a few requirements so make sure you check out the details. I scanned the video and it didn't say that employees are excluded!?

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