If you are like me you probably have 1.35 million Salesforce usernames. You have usernames for productions orgs, sandboxes, developer orgs, pre-release orgs, partner portals, etc. and they all must be unique. So how do you manage this chaos in a manner that doesn't drive you insane with password resets and security tokens?

If you are using Gmail or Google Apps there is a easy way to manage your Salesforce usernames using address aliases. For instance, if your email address is coolsalesforceguy@gmail.com, you can add a "+" and some sort of identifier to your Gmail address to create unique email addresses that are delivered to your one Gmail inbox. Therefore, you could do things like:

  • coolsalesforceguy+prd@gmail.com
  • coolsalesforceguy+sandbox1@gmail.com
  • coolsalesforceguy+de7@gmail.com
  • coolsalesforceguy+customer1prd@gmail.com
You can then set up filters to automatically direct these messages to Trash, apply a label or star, skip the inbox, or forward to another email account.