October 14, 2009

App Engine SDK 1.2.6 Released

Some cool new features were released yesterday for App Engine. :

Incoming Email - You can now enable mail as an inbound service (just like XMPP) so users can email your application at whatever@yourappid.appspotmail.com. Inbound messages are converted to HTTP requests (just like XMPP) which you can receive via webhook handler.

Delete an App - Finally you are now able to delete an app! This has been one of the top 5 most requested features on the issue tracker. I have a bunch of old apps that I need to delete from when I first started groking App Engine. One thing to note when deleting an app - the appid can never be reused after deletion.

Datastore Stats - You can now see more detailed statistics about how your application data is stored in the Admin Console and also programmatically.