Google Wave Desktop Notifier for Windows & Linux

One of the main complaints regarding Google Wave is that it is yet another system to check (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Until (and if) Google Wave is integrated with Gmail, there are a few desktop options to notify you that you have new waves. I've been using the Google Wave Addon for Firefox for sometime but I've recently switched to Chrome so it's no longer relevant.

The Google Wave Notifier project on SourceForge is maturing and is available for both Windows and Linux (Wine). With the notifier you can:

  1. Get real-time updates of new and changes Waves
  2. See the last reply to an unread Wave
  3. Quick access to your last five unread Waves
  4. Automatically updates to the newest version
  5. Easilly browse to an unread Wave or your inbox
Here a small video demonstrating some of it's features. At Appirio we are running our own domain on the Google Wave servers so it will be interesting to see if this notifier supports this feature.
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