August 4, 2010

Writing Flash Android Clients for

Now that Adobe Flash Builder for has been released we are starting to see some of the fruits from this joint venture. released a beta version of the Explorer on Adobe Air a couple of days ago and I caught an interesting tweet from Jeff Grosse about a new video on the Salesforce Channel. James Ward developed a Flash app with the tool that pulls down accounts and contacts from and allows you to update records. This might be the preferred method of development for Android devices since:

  1. Android now runs Flash 10.1
  2. Android does not support Axis Web services natively (i.e., no Partner API love)
  3. There is no secure REST API for

So now you can write Android apps with Adobe Flash Builder for that uses the same Web services API that you are familiar with.

The video is pretty slick and the source code is available if you would like to start hacking up your own implementation.