Earlier this week we broadcast our third episode of #DifferentSpokes with a special guest, Josh Birk from Salesforce.com. If you missed it, it was a really entertaining episode with some interesting questions from Twitter. Obviously we focused on Salesforce.com related topics such as:

  • Some of the highlights of the Spring '13 release and why the new Tooling API rules!
  • The growing tensions in the Salesforce Chicago office over differing opinions on breakfast foods
  • Josh's love affair with anything related to JavaScript
  • His recent CI work with Jenkins for Salesforce.com
  • Why JavaScript Remoting makes creating dynamic applications in Force.com fun again
  • How to make Backbone.js and Visualforce play nicely
  • His preferences on Java Script debuggers, IDEs, modern text editors, old school text editors, distribution of linux and JavaScript templating frameworks.

Our next episode will be focusing on Angular.js so don't miss that!