Jeff Douglas is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff for Trailhead. I’ve had our interview in my back pocket for a while now because I wanted to save it for today’s special occasion: our 100th episode. Jeff and I go back a long way and Trailhead has a special place in my heart. (2021)
Dreamforce 2013 preso.
This is the video that got me hired at Salesforce. For the complete tutorial, see (2015).
Boomi demo using and SQL Server (2010)
Demo of the mobile "Chow Finder" app from LinkedIn's Veteran's Day Hack Day. (2012)
Dreamforce 2012 preso.
This is a demo Rails app running on Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.5. It uses OAuth2 via OmniAuth to authorize access to a org (you should probably use DE org credentials). It uses the REST API to query for records, retreive records to display, create new records and update existing one. (2011)
A set of Node-RED nodes to interact with Salesforce and For the complete tutorial, see: (2015)
Dreamforce 2014 preso.

Dreamforce 2012 preso.
This is the hackathon app that I did for CloudStock in 2010. It uses REST API, OAuth2, Spring STS, Spring Roo, Spring MVC, Twilio, MongoDB and (2010)
VMforce application presented at Dreamforce 2010 with VMware
Dreamforce 2014 preso.
Node.js demo that streams newly creates Account records in to the browser using (2012)
Walkthrough on how to setup Jenkins on Cloudbees for CI with (2013)
Demo of the topcoder Code Your Way In app for Apex using the Tooling API. (2014)
Demo apps to run the various methods of the tooling plugin plus deploy Apex code. (2014)
Build a simple Rails application that logs records from to Papertrail using the Streaming API. (2012)
Demo of functionality and a code walkthrough on how to build a cli for with ruby and thor. (2012)
Demo of how to build a mass email program for Salesforce using Google App Engine (Java). (2011)
Tutorial on how to use ANT to deploy Metadata from one org to another. This video was picked up by Salesforce for use on (2011)
Demo of my Google Chrome Extension. (2010)
A simple demo of a Wave robot integrated with (2009)