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Mar 21, 2012

Writing Unit Tests for v24 Apex REST Services

With the Spring '12 release, salesforce.com made some great enhancements to Apex REST services (v24): Apex REST automatically provides the REST request and response in your Apex REST methods via a static

Mar 17, 2011

OpportunityAccessLevel Not Writable

I was working on a project the other day where I needed to dynamically add users to an opportunity's Sales Team (OpportunityTeamMember object) so that users who do not normally have access to

Jan 6, 2011

Fun with Salesforce Collections

The Apex language provides developers with three classes (Set, List and Map) that make it easier to handle collections of objects. In a sense these collections work somewhat like arrays, except their size

Oct 21, 2010

Force.com Programming Best Practices

Wes and I are adding a few more topics to our Salesforce Handbook before we put it to bed and I thought a great topic would be programming best practices. I've never seen

Aug 16, 2010

Managing the Heap in Salesforce.com

With the Spring '10 release, Salesforce.com removed the limit on the number of items a collection can hold. So now, instead of ensuring that your collections contain no more than 1000 items,

Jul 28, 2010

Using the Salesforce.com OAuth Playground

My article on developer.force.com, Using OAuth to Authorize External Applications, shows how to develop external Java applications that use OAuth to access your Saleforce.com data. But what if you want

Jul 22, 2010

Email a Document with Salesforce.com

After my last post, Create and Email a PDF with Salesforce.com, I received a few comments whether it was possible to do the same with Document stored in Salesforce.com. Could you