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Aug 13, 2009

ColdFusion 9 to Support Cloud Computing

At CFUnited yesterday Adobe announced plans to support "Cloud Computing" in their upcoming version of ColdFusion 9, currently in beta. Not a lot of details were given (including pricing) but the

Feb 10, 2009

Hoagie - The Developer's Other White Meat

Joe Rinehart is proposing a new development stack for rapid, RIA development that includes some of my favorite and most used technologies: Business layer written in Groovy (Java) JPA and Hibernate for database

Nov 21, 2008

My EC2 Instance is up!

I finally got around to getting my EC2 instance up and running. I debated upon using an Open BlueDragon, Windows 2003 or Railo AMI. I finally decided upon the Railo image after a

Mar 15, 2007


We have a content management system that has been in production for a couple of years on the same server running CFMX7. I don't believe we've done anything to the server recently. Today