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Feb 24, 2015

5 Skills Salesforce Devs Need for 2015

5 Skills Salesforce Devs Need for 2015

The Spring releases of Salesforce are my favorite. They are always packed with awesome new features and people actually have the time to explore them. Everyone is refreshed from the previous year's Dreamforce

May 27, 2014

PubSub Demo with Node.js & WebSockets

I started a new series on the [topcoder] blog called "Phasers on Innovate” where I simply talk about cool tech stuff and build things. Late last year Heroku started supporting WebSockets so

May 13, 2014

Real World Experience with Salesforce1 Heroku Connect

Cross-posted from the Appirio Tech Blog. Today Heroku announced the general availability of Salesforce1 Heroku Connect. Heroku Connect makes it easy to build customer-facing applications that leverage your existing Salesforce data. Behind the

Dec 6, 2013

What does Heroku1 mean for Developers?

Heroku1 was announced a couple of weeks ago at Dreamforce but was overshadowed by the Salesforce1 fanfare. Salesforce1 is awesome but, I think Heroku1 is just as important, if not more, as it

Jan 24, 2013

CloudSpokes - Heroku Success Story

So my customer success for CloudSpokes on Heroku went live today with a link in their developer newsletter. Pretty good stuff on how the CloudSpokes community members built the CloudSpokes site on Database.

Jan 16, 2013

Force.com Streaming API with Ruby

Force.com Streaming API with Ruby

I must publicly confess my love with the Force.com Streaming API. (Don't tell my wife.) Last September I wrote a blog post entitled, Node.js Demo with Force.com Streaming API &

Jan 8, 2013

Restforce Ruby Gem for Salesforce.com

As one of the committers for the Databasedotcom gem, I follow most of the other committers to see what they are working on. I was pleasantly surprised a few months back when Eric