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Dec 28, 2010

Neat Salesforce URLFOR Trick

I was working on an app the other day and had written a custom screen allowing the user to add/edit multiple records on the same page. So in the process I wrote

Oct 21, 2010 Programming Best Practices

Wes and I are adding a few more topics to our Salesforce Handbook before we put it to bed and I thought a great topic would be programming best practices. I've never seen

Aug 11, 2010

Why is this so DOM Hard?

Let me start out right away by saying I am not a DOM or CSS master. I've typically had employees or co-workers to perform these functions for my so I've (unfortunately) let me

Jul 22, 2010

Email a Document with

After my last post, Create and Email a PDF with, I received a few comments whether it was possible to do the same with Document stored in Could you

Jul 14, 2010

Attach a PDF to a Record in Salesforce makes it extremely easy to generate PDF documents on the fly by simply using the renderAs="pdf" attribute for the <apex:page> component. It's also a snap to attach

Apr 27, 2010

Create a New Record in Sites

So someone asked me yesterday for some code to allow external users to create contact records in They needed a simple form where people could enter the details and once submitted